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I mean guy's, only two movies to go and the Twilight Saga movie is done. What will happen then? Will the fans will scream for more?, or they will just forget how the Twilight Saga has touched our lives? I am quite scared that someday when we say Twilight or Robward, people is not bothered anymore.
I just want to know your opinions about that. Thanks! and more powers to Team Edward/Rob!

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i am wondering that also i have no clue how to face it just hearing it coming to an end is making me scared
i agree hopefully by then stephenie has started writing it again an has released midnight sun which is twilight from edward's point of view
It would be nice if Stephanie decided to finish Midnight Sun. For that matter it would be awesome to see all the books from Edwards perspective. I would also love it if she did a spin off of Renesmee and Jacob's future. But alas that dream is doubtful.
but we will always have the books and i was a die hard fan before the movies then we will have the dvds and all the merchandise this story touched me it is like a tattoo forever with me i will not get over it just because the movies are done some people will just jump over to the new craz u know and thats fine because they arent real fans anyway us real fans will keep reading the books will keep discussing things on forums will keep watching the dvds will keep going on to stephanie meyers website for updates there are plenty of ways to keep twilight in our hearts and lives
totally agree
oh deff i agree... jus because the movie is over with dun mean we have to let it die!!! i still read the books over n over again n watch the movie.. soon movies... over n over again!! my husband thinks i'm insane... n maybe i am... but this is absolutely the best thing ever seriously... i was hooked on harry potter... but not like this... i can't get enuff of it!! n hopefully she'll write more it would be nice to see edwards side n all the books i'm glad she started that its sad that someone betrayed her like that... i hope she can finish it n then do the rest of them like that... n also it would be nice if she could do a book for after breaking dawn becasue i'd be nice to see nessie n jacob together n also she bella as being a vampire for a lil longer n see how her n edwards relationship grows!!! plus rose has to come off her highhorse 1 these days bout jacob... which i doubt but still it'd be nice!!
I can never forget how Twilight Saga touched my life. I'll just continue re-reading the books & watchin the movies on dvd over & over again the thime all of the movies are done SM should hopefully have finished Midnight Sun
the thought of a end makes me sick
me 2..
me 2....... I don't want to think of it.
I totally will not forget twilight and every thing about it! i mean its an awesome story and i watch twilight at least once a week and reread the books as much as possible. and how could we for get how hot robert is (even when hes old we will remember)


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