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ok so how edward and the cullens shine or should i say sparkle......ok what would happen if it was picture day and when it take a picture the flash makes them sparkle??? what do u think they would do

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no he wont sparkle in a picture
oh because he can only shine in the sun?
no, if that was the case, they'd sparkle in regular class room lights as well. it's only the sunlight.
they did and it did not do anything remember new moon???
I would agree that only the sun makes vampires sparkle. That was a good question though.

Well, I think camera flash doesn't quite follow the same properties as sunlight. I'm not a very scientific person, so I can't be sure. Sunlight is basically white light, so when it is passed through a prism, it splits the light into seven colors, due to dispersion of light.

The Twilight vampires' skin is made of a substance that carries the properties of marble and crystal. When sunlight falls on their skin, the light gets dispersed, causing the "sparkling effect."

I think the light emitted by a camera flash might not consist of quite so many colors, and it's also possible that they are monochromatic. Fluorescent light might not be composed of seven colors either. Even if they are, the resultant dispersion might not be as effective as sunlight passing through a prism.

All this might be pure rubbish, I don't know, but I hope this makes some sense.

Good question, by the way. :)




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