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what would happen if jacob was the vampire and edward ws the werewolf

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I think the story line would be the same but honestly the characters that play them would have to change because it just wouldn't look right.
i totally agree with you!!!
I would still love Edward more xDD
I will still think Robert Patz is not attractive and Taylor is HOT!!!!! but still TEAM EDWARD.
....I think RPattz is the one who is hot lol
Team Rob Forever xD <33333
That would be weird. I don't think I would like it that way.
me either
Love EDWARD bcz of is sence of humor,humanity,manners, i mean his characteristics not bcz he is a sparkling vampire..
plezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz write it
Maybe the story will be different, because Jacob is not to hot to be a vampire
yeah i agree it would be weird and i wouldnt like it that way.
If Jacob was a vampire and Edward was a werewolf, would that mean that Jake went to Forks High School and Edward to the reservation? Mostlikely.. So that leads me to this question.. If Edward goes to school in La Push, when would Bella have ever met him? I think that she would have been with Jake then and the story would turn out very different. In the original version Bella knows Jake because he's the son of her dad's friend, but if they change roles there is no reason for her to ever meet Edward, so she can't fall in love with him. If she did find a way to meet him, I think things would become intriging because werewolf or vampire, Edward is still Edward and she loves him for his personality.


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