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if you were to change anything from any of the four books/movies what would u change???

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nothin..its just perfect..
Jake's imprinting. Not because I think it's creepy (I don't) but because from a writing standpoint, it is a plot development that is troublesome.
i would replace bella with myself lol
just kidding i would not change a single letter/shot
Only make the books continue on...... I wouldn't change a thing about the story itself.... <3
I would include some chapters from Edward POV...especially in Breaking Dawn
heard that Stephenie is working on it, '' the midnight sun'', Edward POV for the twilight, hope she will go until breaking dawn. cross our fingers...
jakes imprinting because despite what some think that is creepy and all kinds of wrong no matter how you view it.
mmm i would not change any thing
I would change jakes imprinting cos I would have really liked for him to end up with somebody that wasn't related to Bella.and because that if a where in edward and bellas place i wouldn't wan't him fallin' for my daughter after everthing they've gone through.
Depends on how you look at it. Yes, they all have been through alot but at the same time, they know each other in every sense and trust each other unconditionally because of what they've gone through. Bella and Edward also know that no one on this earth is going to care for their daughter more than Jacob will. The union also amends the treaty between the Cullens and the Quileutes.
I agree 100%, it sort of ties up all the ends nicely.
Jacob imprinting on Renesmee I would change. It's not that it's 'creepy' or 'disgusting' as most people think of it as, but because I just feel it was tacked on to keep Jacob in Bella's life, and I feel it was an unnecessary way to go. I also really can't see those two characters together.

I would also change the final 'battle' in Breaking Dawn. As much as I don't mind how it went, I wouldn't mind even more if it was a little more intense. It was the final battle of the final book for goodness sake. I really think it could have been bigger.


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