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if you were to change anything from any of the four books/movies what would u change???

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I would want Edward never to have left.
definitley the imprinting thing with j and renesmee. i wish there was some other way stephanie could keep jacob part of bell's life coz obviously that's the point here. otherwise how would j still be a part of her life after she gave birth because jacob was planning to leave(i wish he had)

but i think SM is not thru with her vampires... she'll probably continue most likely with j and renesmee but personally i would'v liked to read leah's story. i think she most of all deserves a break as well. Especially whn she refers 2 herself as a genetic dead end my heart realy went out to her character
i wish Bree would stay alive as a vampire with the Cullens...
but still it is different for bella, because she is so special, and she have renessme when she is a newborn. and, in ''the sort second life of bree tanner'', bree did find her mate, only killed by riley.
I loved all four books, and the two movies that have come out. The only thing i didn't like was Edward leaving in New Moon..i know that's what gave the book it's story, but it was just so sad for me that i actually could have cried when i read it. I know I'm being a cry baby..I also would have wanted Bella to be more sure about choosing Edward..i know she knew that she loved Edward the most..but seriously..why would anyone want to put Edward through pain by still loving Jacob...when she kissed Jacob in Eclipse..i literally felt like punching someone..why couldn't she see the wonderful "man" that she had, and move on from Jacob..If i were lucky enough to have been in Bella's shoes, i wouldn't have had any trouble choosing Edward right away, and letting go of Jacob.
Jacob imprinting on Renesmee it's totally wrong to me and I just don't see those characters together.
I would rather have Edward's POV in BD instead of Jacob's.
Me too. I really thought it was messed up that BD was not from Edwards POV. I mean with the whole honeymoon, wedding, the birth of HIS child (not Jacob's) Bella becoming a vampire.

I understand we needed to see Jacob's POV for the whole imprinting thing, but what about Edward?
Me too that would be awesome


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