The Twilight Saga

I had a dream the other night, when I was stood outside a church and Bella walks over to me and says:
" Edward is inside. "
I run in and his eyes are deep red and he kills me.
Then it flipped and when i ran in his eyes were golden and he hugged me.

Would you run in, even if u might die?
I WOULD!!! what a way go 'ey?!

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wow! nice dream. i want to dream that kind of dream. no, i wont run. ill just let him kill me. whats the point in running when he is faster than me. ill just beg him to bite me and make me a vampire like him. :D
haha ! good job april ! i will absolutely do that like you (:
lol! :D
Perfect answer!!!
i would do the exact same thing!!!!
of cz.....just turn me into a vamp.....
absolutelly agree :) even if he kills me, it would be the best death ever
Hell yeah i wud run in death or hug still got to see edward
i would talk to bella first and ask her what she thinks edward would do if i did go in. i mean there's he isn't the type of vamp to just turn some random person. they would have to be really special to him. and if there were a chance that he would kill me then i wouldn't chance it. i would be happier to live and not see edward than to die by edward. granted he is usually in control of himself. so i would talk to bella first
yeaq, i would like to think i would do that but thinking about it really if i was told edward was anywhere i would run straight in!!!!! lolz
thanks for all the comments guys ! XD
yes I would !!!!!!!!!!!!it's edward cullen to see him in real life i might walk on hot coals to get to him lol
Hell yeah Id be in that church! Like u said what a way to die!


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