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If you were given the chance to become a real vampire? Would you take it or live out your human life and welcome the end?

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i think i would live my human life...there's no reason for me to live forever!
To out live everyone around you all your loved ones family and friends can surly bring about the death that would seem to escape you at least spiritually!
true love would surely be my main motivation
me too....if i had an edward maybe yes.....:p
Hmm..this is a hard'm not overly fond of the idea of sucking blood the rest of my
true but it would be like drinking a soda to us now!
maybe I would become a vampire! there's a sexiness and mistery about them.. But it will be hard to watch all my family and friends die!/: but if i had an "Edward" that will change everything!
mmmhh ....I would live as a vampire .....but only I have my own Edward...^-^
eternity without someone to share it with would be pointless not to mention bring on insanity.
I asked this question because I was thinking about it myself! Could I give up all I knew and had ever known? Could I truely choose the good over the evil that would as some say be inside you after turning? But then I got to thinking we all are that way with out the imortality aren't we? We all must decide within in ourselves to do the right things! I would choose to be a vegatarian vampire for true love! But live some of my human life out first! There is a lot of good you can do if you have an eternity to do it in!
I now know I would accept it very quickly as well! All the things you could see and do. You could live so many life times and I to would have to have my husband along for the ride as well. I can't imagine eternity without him!
I would take it.I'm tired of this life,I liked to have speed,strength,be extremely beautiful to be the envy of everyone,live forever to see what the future holds and maybe find a vampire to make me happy!!! :P


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