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If you were given the chance to become a real vampire? Would you take it or live out your human life and welcome the end?

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I think that would really depend... If I had someone that could live forever with me and loved me than I may just want to live forever too, but if I was the only one and the people that I loved would only live their human years out and then I would be alone I think that I would rather just live out my human life.
I would accept the offer to become a vampire!!!
I would jump a chance to be a vamp.
just only if edward want me badly..
I agree with browneyedgirl-x 9

it depends if i had an edward who was a vampire then i would want to be one too so i could spend the rest of my life with him but it would be extremly hard to leave my family and friends but if i had a reason to stay human i would and i wouldnt just become a vampire for no reason
I would be a vampire, if there was an Edward in this life>>>>>Love/body>
i think i would become a vampire and then i go looking for my edward:) i will find him!!!!
I would probably wait until something bad happened to me where I had no choice but to become a Vampire.
If i had my own vampire like Edward then yes i would become a Vampire :) but otherwise just the normal life
The pain it seems would be very bad Small price to pay for eternity
Take It! duhhhh the hell with real life. Humans dont see or feel things the way vampires do


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