The Twilight Saga

what would you do if you could not save the one you love with out killing yourslf.

im bella cullen I told the vutouri

ok heres the rule you do not know from carlilse and shall tell carlilse about you shall not make no more vampires if you do you die to take there place.they told me strictly.

ok then can i go now. yes you may demetri told me.


i went out side to see esme and carlilse. thank god your ok bella i was worried you would get killed esme said as she hugged me. thanks for your confidents i told her then told them the new rule and the price for breaking it.


it was my first day at work and i was already getting into dangerous territories. his name was edward we knew each other from before. turned out he forgave me for what i did. but it was to dangerous to forgive myself. but it was to late we already set up a date. we loved each other after what i did to him. no this could not happen i was to young to die.


stupid i told carlilse im completly stupid you need to tell me i cant go i cant put you or myself through that. stupid i just kept saying while carlilse watched.


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thats very interesting write more
look up above your writing i didnt see yours and look at my other storys if you have time there called bella's a vampire ext you know that one. what happens after breaking dawn chapter one edwards pov skip first chapter. and the sad story of bella swan and im making another one write now its gonna be called the blind sight of love. please on any of the first three storys tell me what you think should happen im stuck.
you are not stupid these thing happen. no you dont get it if i fall in love with him and something happens to him I wont be able to help myself and i will take away my life for his to be safe. its ok we'll but up a fight. no if it happens just let me die slowly and painfully by jane. im so stupid i should have just stayed home. bella sweetie you could have ran into this any where emmett said. thanks emmett. no problem sis.
Nice. Write more please.
trying but stuck any sugestions
Nice would like to read more.Nice writing by the way.
open for sugetions should i make her fall in love with edward and change him any ways or fall in love with him then marry him and tell him just not tell the vutori in till they find out any way its going to end in a fight with the coven and vulturi and maybe the pack.
alice got her chance to play dressup before the date. iwas thinking what would happen and how it would work there is no way to make a vampire without the vulturi knowing. but there is a way to fall in love with him without changing him right. he knew we loved each other. he just used the injury card to stop us from getting married earlyer. so i made my way to the fancy hotal that w were going to stay at.this made me think of never say never. or jesus take the wheel. we stay he reached in for a kiss but only got a pek on the check this was definetly to dangrous he had to be changed what if he wanted sex that would not work. he was following me home when i crashed and then he did. i hate drunk drivers they hate me sense carlilse has lots of books laying around. i knew what to do. i called 911 then started to pump his chest. he wasn't breathing so i gave him mouth to mouth a few times.and repeated a few times. the amblance arrived carlilse was at work crap he arrived while i was pumping. he took over. asked me about the other driver. died instantly i told him. he cant die but wont survive inless. i stopped there were humans around. i know sweetie you look like you know what your doing you want to use my medical suplies at the house ill keep an eye on you two. sure. carlilse what. then she saw me i was a mess then she looked at the body in my hand.
what happened esme asked drunk driver crashed into me then edward crashed into my car. this is what im afriad of. what if he cant make it. he wasnt driving he cant drive because of me thats why i dont understand why he forgave me.
story time
chapter two

when we were human i could not go near him without myself or him getting hurt most of the time it was both. we'll two years ago we were going to the mall our friends were getting married. so we decided we would help the geusts with there wardrobe. we got stuck driving together and we got in an acident.he was paralysed and unconsionse for a month. when he finaly woke up he could not know who i was my mom was his docter. so i asked her to keep an eye on him.


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