The Twilight Saga

What would you do if you if Edward asked you to be the one to hold his heart?????

not just wat you would say i also mean wat would you do?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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i mean what would you do and say
Scream as above :P and maybe faint a little lol
lol. plz friend me.
I would definitely say yes. How could you turn him down.
i know right?
totally, but my response involved WAY more fainting *laughs* you got the same sorta thing i would do.
fip my wheelchair which is very hard to do unless that u are glad and i gesst that i would fate afther words
man thts a big idk....but i would probably say yes a million times yes
i would do a number of things.

1. scream
2. pass out
3. yell "YES" as loud as i possibly can
4. pass out again
5. send a mass email to everyone i know--even people i cant stand (those peepz wood get their own message that was shoving it in their faces lol)
6. kiss him
7. pas out again
8.flirtingly (my new word) flutter my eyelashes in a way that looks sort of romantic and sort of stupid as i do a soft but retarded giggle
9. ask him to turn me into a vampire (not then and there but later cause it would irritate him so much that he would change his mind)
10. pass out AGAIN
11. go get a makeover--something quick so i could be right back for more romance
12. and then i would pass out for the last time--at least for that day--and then he would scoop me up in his arms and carry me away in his volvo to his castle. *how romantic, right? just like a prine carrying the damsel in distress to his castle on horseback--only i think a vampire in a volvo is WAY more romantic but many people beg to differ.*

i would probably do many other things that are too embarrising to post on the internet--or just so embarrising that i wouldn't even think of them lol. ttyl peepz. plz friend me!!!
I would open my chest up and place it next to mine, after saying yes my eternal love.


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