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would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf and why?????

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I wouls rather be a Vampire. I would be a vegetarian just like the Cullens. The speed, strength, and possibility of an "extra" power is just awesome. I would hate sharing my thoughts with other wolves or being "controlled" by an Alpha.


^^This is all assuming that you are referring to the Twilight Version of Vampire/Werewolf (Shape-Shifter... NOT Children of the Moon)

Vampire so I can live forever and be strong.

actually its really confusing to me. I never really knew why but i'm one of those love dog types yet i'm a team edward fan and always will be. if i was a werewolf i would probably love it as much as i would love being a vampire. but to tell you the truth i find jacob quite annoying and he seems to get in the way all the time with bella. Anyways if i said i wanted to be a werewolf i'd be falling for a vampire so for my own good i'll say i'd like to be a vampire although my heart would lie to become a werewolf though I'm not saying that i like jacob its just because i love dogs, there my life. I have 4 of my own and used to have 6 altogether so don't tell me i want to be a werewolf because i'm secretly in love with jacob because i'm not. Team Edward all the way for me.


So i'd say both thanks :P

actually i've had a change of thought. Vampire for me, the werewolf sharing thoughts thing just wouldn't be good at all haha so yet vampire i'd be. Though i'd probably miss the werewolf body

i choose vampire cause it would be fun and cool to live forever but the thing is u would have to die sometime i mean wouldnt it get boring staying alive and the thing about the sun i mean u can still go out in it but only when no one is around and i would love to have strength and speed and to have an extra power it would be good

I think I would rather be a werewolf. I would want that because I dont like blood. It makes me nauseated. Plus, I just think werewolves are cool. I dont have any thing against vampires, their cool too. I jus like werewolves better.
a Vampire... i really want to be immortal i want to live forever... and have power... ^_^

i agree


definetly a vampire, i would drink animal blood insted of human blood, but ya the speed, strenghth, imortality, and the posibility of an extra ability sound awesome :)

i would like to be a vampire because its cool to be one and you can live forever.

Even if you didn't mean by Twilight standards of a Werewolf or a Vampire, I would still choose vampire. I would also, in a sense, be a "vegetarian" and only go after animals. (That is, if I had the will to do so) I also would choose to be a vampire, because it would mean that I was eye-catching (I don't think of myself that way, but at least my husband does... That's all that matters, even though, right now we're talking mythical creatures) I also kind of like the idea of the whole blood-sucking phenomenon thing... :) 


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