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OK, so on the permiere of New Moon, what do you think the audiences reaction will be to the news of edward leaving bella!?
personally i think the theater will be filled with loud BOOOOOOing and maybe a few handfuls of popcorn thrown at the screen.
thats one of the things im waiting on!

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I hope they read the book because it wouldn't be right to see the movie if you haven't read the book so they should already know Edward is leaving Bella
you would think..... ^o^
yeah i think they will be upset in the part but they will be together again..... you read the book havent you? if you read it, they nothing to worry about because they are still destined for each other.
i think why there wont be a dry eye in the cinema people will see it for what it really is an intricate part of the story that must be told and allowed to unfold. no relationship is ever perfect but when one is classified as one of the undead doing the right thing is harder than for rest of us mere mortals. i think the previews i have seen has portrayed the anguish and the self sacrifice it is going to take to give up the one thing in this world that means everything to you i'm not sure i could do the same thing.
good business idea^o^
lmao..i wuz thinking about of sobing && tearz..mayb BOOOOing..but never really thought about it..till now
They would feel sorry for bella.
I think theres going to be a lot of gasping and crying
I know i WILL
I will cry sooo much! I cry every time when I read the book and I'm really looking forward to seeing how they act it. Not that I'll be able to appreciate the acting through tears lol
i thjink they will be extreamley upset


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