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OK, so on the permiere of New Moon, what do you think the audiences reaction will be to the news of edward leaving bella!?
personally i think the theater will be filled with loud BOOOOOOing and maybe a few handfuls of popcorn thrown at the screen.
thats one of the things im waiting on!

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they would be pissed
they will very upset!!!!
Not a dry eye in the house!! While it is a sad part of the story it is a very important part of it too!! It is a lovestory between a vampire and a human there are going to be ups and downs and trials to work through! If you didn't have the seperation you wouldn't have the amazing reunion which is such a high point of this story!! It will be great!
Agreed, i know im gonna cry. I cry everytime i read that part
i'm going to have some tissues on hand,lol
I think of crying lots of BOOOing and lots of anger.
I will be tough to watch but it will be worth it in the end. No lovestory is without ups and downs...just be thankful it's not Charlie trying to keep them apart! I've been listening to the New Moon soundtrack and it sounds SO much like what is going on in the book...I love it of course but there is one song that makes me incredibly sad for her. The name of the song is "Possibility" and I forget right off who sings it but it's one of those songs that makes you want to cry...
i think people will cry not boo!
I think everbody will be crying!!!!! I sure will
., they will leave the cinema and the movie unfinished? okay, i'll take that beck, everyone will feel the same pain that Bella have felt...
I think also think that there will be some boing.
for those who have read the books it wont be so bad cuz we know he comes back


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