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Ok so I know this has probably been started on here before, but I just have to know...


Last night I had the weirdest dream...


I was in a house (not sure where or whos) and all of a sudden Riley appears in the house next to me...I asked him how old he was and he said 15....anyways before I know it he trying to force himself on me....I grabbed my IPhone and put Edward on speaker so he could hear everything that was going on.....Riley got his way with me and before I know it a baby boy appears out of no were...I start screaming wanting to know what he did...the little boy bites me.....Riley leaves the room and I speak to Edward telling him that Riley is alive and in our house....Edward says he is on his way and wants to know what he did...I tell him he has to see for himself...I run to another room and there is a little girl there..Nessie, but she is actually my two year old Makayla.....Edward walks in takes care of Riley and sees a baby boy sitting on the bed while I'm crying and holding Nessie...he asks what happens and I turn to the baby......and thats it I wake up!!! I wanted to go back to sleep to finish the dream, but it was time to get to the real world....


Please share your dreams with me so I know I'm not the only one dreaming about Edward LOL!!!

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hey, I had one strange dream
It was our wedding day and Edward was beautiful as alwais and somehow I hadn't my hair done and was wearing not a wedding dress but something really stupid and ugly. and when we went to the church our car was attacked by somekind of flying beasts... and next thing I saw was my house and Edward was caring me in his arms. And then I woke up :( I hope to dream about Edward more even if it is a strange dream :)
Awww I would of taken that dream over mine anyday! Thanks for sharing!!!


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