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Tell me your first and last name and I'll let you know your true Vampire name.

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 My name is collette meenan x


collette meenan your name is


Sultana of Scandinavia
Known in some parts of the world as:
Mother of Gypsies
The Great Archives Record:
A traveller of travellers, of good humour but dangerous.

um i'm not sure if you will find my vampire name since i have a long name but here it is anyways

Tamara Rosewarne-Hayden

Tamara Rosewarne-Hayden your name is 


Countess of The Great Oceans
Known in some parts of the world as:
Devil of The Winged Death
The Great Archives Record:
Comes on silent wings in the night and wraps a deadly cloak about the victim; impartial as a die, unyielding as stone.

wow thats awesome, thanks
Megan Juiliano. i really want 2 know

Megan Juiliano your name is


Chastity Marlow
Known in some parts of the world as:
Bast of Wraiths
The Great Archives Record:
A needy and violent spirit.

how about my vampire name..? my full name is Princess Cabrera
amber brown!!!!
What's my vampire name? My name is Dylynne Dodson.
shaianne stanley. this is cool!
ooh this sounds fun! So obviously my name is Kelly Kennedy!


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