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My cousin told me the Bella's Lullaby in the movie is not the "real" lullaby. I don't understand how that is possible considering if they put it in the movie it is the "real" lullaby. Can someone explain that to me?

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It's because Bella's lullaby before the movie came out was supposedly 'The River Flows' by Yiruma, but I like the one in the movie a lot more. Plus I cant play 'The River Flows', but I can play the one in the movie :) it's easier to learn.
it hink its lovely it has to be the real one
The River Flows by Yiruma is supposedly the real Bella's lullaby. I love both, but i prefer the one thats in the film :) It makes me think of the love that Edward must have for Bella to write such a beautiful song for her :)
The lullaby that was supposed to be used is much different from the one they did in the movie and I am glad they changed it.
I don't think they could have done a better job with the lullaby. My husband even likes it. (original) (used for movie)
I am the odd one out, since I haven't had a chance to see the movie, only read the books. But I looked up the song from the soundtrack over on myspace, I was very intrigued by it. It makes me feel warm, comfortable and loved.
i love bella's lullaby in midnight sun the way edward and alice are sitting at the piano edward playing and alice singing it is so beautiful i love the lullaby from the movie it is my message tone on my phone it makes me smile when i hear it i think its perfect for the way edward descibes it in midnight sun to how it sounds in the movie
I'm stumped. ?_?
i like the old one as Bella's lullabye better as well... its more hopeful sounding
P****D Off that I dont have an Edward
i feel happy and sad
the one in the movie is the real lullaby!! it was just played with an orcusstra! the real version is by carter burwell and rob pattinson!!! they made it together and i have heard it and have it on my phone and its so beautiful!! and its NOT the river flows in you!!


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