The Twilight Saga

Write on this wall to say what COUNTRY YOU ARE FROM. I'm from the USA.

THANK YOU to everyone so far.

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I'm from USA. I've never met anyone out of this country except 1 person and she was from guatamala she was awesome
I am reside in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA!!
I am from Estonia.
Brasil....São Paulo
I am from India but I live in Sri Lanka.
i'm from india too......!!nice to see you.
hey I'm from India too but stay in UAE . i don't meet many twilighters in India ......So nice to meet you
I'm from Goa,India but I live in UAE
hey everyone!I'm from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!Glad to be around Twilight fans here!
englan - La - florida - new york - orlando
alot of places xx
curantly - new york
Hi! I´m from Costa Rica and even though people here don´t get the Ever fever so strongly, let me tell you that I´m pretty much obsessed with him! I would love to hear the latest news since we don´t get them too much around here!


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