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Hi all was just wondering where everyone is from??? I am from the UK and Twilight is doing so amazing over here. Whats the response of Twilight where u are all from???

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Im in Dublin, Ireland and People LUV twilight here! xx :)
I'm from Macedonia :)
Most teens love Twiligh here :) But we only get the books :( No twilight movie has come to our cinemas :(
We download them or buy them on pirated CDs :)
omg!! thank GOD!! at least the movies come here to my country...El Salvador.....not many people know where's located....haha so...4 those of u who don't know, it's in america...central america to be precise...
and we loooooooove the books and the movies as well.....
grew up in Iowa... currently living in Minnesota. :) (USA)
um... i am not sure about how everyone reacts to TWilight??? I am new here so ....

but alot of my friends and my sister loves twilight. :)
i m in India n teens r just mad about twilight books and movies over here. :) :)
hey .....even i'm from india........n nt only girls bt even boys r madddddddd behind twilight here......we all luvvvvvv twilight.......
very true..whr in india??
I'm from Belguim ^^ :)

Im in Kildare, Ireland. Twilight is huge here, not just teens either!!
CA people love twilight here


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