The Twilight Saga

I hail from the Northern-most portion of the great state of Ohio, USA



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hey everyone in the world!! i am really shocked that people allllll over the world are in
love with twilight!!! i am pretty sure that i am the only one who lives on Oklahoma!!!
New York............
i'm from india
How is the weather around the world these days?? Here in Ohio, it's been HOT HOT HOT ..... HUMID .... And MISERABLE!!!! I can't wait for FALL to get here again, my favorite time of year!!
I'm from England.
okay im fron....
England., london,brixton I'm from Indonesia..
Im from japan then korea:)
Love London, hope 2 go some day!
I'm from Johannesburg, South Africa - as much as I love my country - i wish i could be closer to Vancouver or some such place where they are filming the Twilight Saga :-(
I am from Long Island , NY


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