The Twilight Saga

Which book from the Saga is your favorite? Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, or Breaking Dawn?

I'd like to take a poll to find out which book from the Saga is a favorite and why. Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, or Breaking Dawn? Personally, They each have something that makes them special... but if I have to pick it would be a tie between New Moon and Eclipse.

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Even though I love them all, it'd have to be breaking dawn! XD So good!
i luv new moon and breaking dawn da best, new moon because its so emotional, it really showd how much bella and edward really are in luv, breaking dawn bcause edward and bella gets married and bella finally becomes a vampire, at first i wasnt so happy bout the whole renesmee deal, but iv finally came round, im happy jacob gets to b with someone, u kno, eclipse was pretty awesome to, we got to learn more bout the other cullens, and let me say, a badass, i luv her... and twilight was cool to, i mean its when they first meet, its very important, u kno wat, im vote for all!!!!!
I'm also on the New Moon/Eclipse bandwagon. If forced to choose, it would be Eclipse.
I think twilight and new moon are my faves... :)
Twilight made me happy. See how love can grow onto something so beautiful. New Moon made me cry, Edward leaving,seing Bella in such misery an d Jacob trying to make Bella his girlfriend (I really hated that part) . Eclipse, don't know. It was exciting I guess,but not as much as the former two.And Breaking Dawn, See how much love they really have for each other.That'sjust wonderfull. The wedding, honeymoon ,getting pregnant and the birth of Renesmee. Bella turns into a vamire and the battle against the Volturi. Just great. An d the most special thing in all books is that the whole family stands together as one. No matter what, they always back you up.

So I must say I love them all
YEAH! :) I agree with u 11111000000000000% with hating Jacob trying to make Bella love love him... and make him his girlfriend... gah..... grrrrr... haha he don't care for no one but himself! :(

annnd yah.. haha :[ | ]
Well... i love Twilight because it was/is a great way to start a series of books, i dont really care for New Moon all that much because Edward isnt in it too often... haha xD :p ;) and Eclipse is goooooood annnnd Breaking Dawn is awesome.... but i really dont care for Jacob's story... haahahaha :[ | ]
as u can prob. c, i don't really like Jacob... or his character... O.o hahahaha xP ;]

but in the end i think i like Twilight bestesttttt! haahhaha :[ | ] ^.^
I would have to say ECLIPSE. IT was greatly written. And It enjoyed page for page. Breaking Dawn was another Great read. I really and truly love all the twilight books. Hard Choice
New Moon because I felt the same way she did when Edward left her as when I broke up with my bf...sad but true
Im a hopeless romantic. so my favorites are Twilight because of the whole 'new love' feel. And difinatly Eclipse because Edward completely lets his guard down after he finds out in New Moon what he would feel like without Bella. I just love the romance.
I think I would have to say Breaking Dawn! It is where Edward and Bella finally get what they have been waiting for. First he finally gets to marry his one true love. Bella get to experience her first time with her one true love, and then they have to fight to have the life the have been waiting for with all of their family!

Plus they have this amazing child in Renesmee.
all of us hve different opinions on which book is the best,for me i jus love eclipse and breaking dawn i cant choose between the two


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