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Personally New Moon was my favorite book, even though it's lack of Edward. But there is one thing I don't get why don't people like New Moon? Which book is your favorite?

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Have you read Midnight Sun as well?
my fav book in the series is actually twilight. (go to my page if u want to see the order i like the rest of them in)
Lots of people like Twilight the best, that was like the start of it all!!
Stephenie is awesome that"s why i really like her book.........i can"t pick which one is my favorite..i love them all really,,
i can"t wait to watch the next movie..
Which movie? I've seen them both repetedly. :) :) :) :)
Breaking dawn! It just brings everything together it leaves nothing to the imgination really.
New Moon was kind of a tease. Then i felt bad for Jacob at the end.
Ya, but don't you think there could still be more after Breaking Dawn? Also in my opinion, Jake didn't have to be that way, he could have just accepted her with Edward.
I luv d beginning of d romance and how their love evolved in Twilight (and in essence in Midnight Sun, I absolutely LOVE Edward's perspective) so... Twilight/Midnight Sun :-)
Yeah, Twilight was the start of everything, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn! :)
yea i do think its more after breaking dawn I HOPE there is. but so far i think its the best i kno i wouldve hoped jacob found somebody else tht he could be happy with.
In New Moon?
My favorite book is Breaking Dawn, and I like the rest equally. I also cried when Edward left her, and even though he was not in that book and movie much, it was still an awesome story.


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