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Personally New Moon was my favorite book, even though it's lack of Edward. But there is one thing I don't get why don't people like New Moon? Which book is your favorite?

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I cry every time during that part of the book, and when I saw it in the movies theater, I creid every time.
I've seen the movie like 50 times and you would think i'd get used to it, but it still makes me cry. My husband makes fun of me for it. He refuses to watch it with me anymore.
I know what you mean I got kinda mad when Edward left but then he came back or watever and I EXTATIC (idk how to spell that word) I LOVE all of the books.... my favorite is...
1.Breaking Dawn
3.New Moon
I haven't finished Midnight Sun♥
Twilight is definately worth reading!
My favourite book will always remain Breaking Dawn! Even though it ends the Saga, i love it because it shows another Bella, more mature and responsible and in love each day more and more...she finally gets to marry the love of her life (even though she hated the idea at the begining...she just had to experience it to see that it was something she would love in the end), then she has Renesmee (who changed her life completely even though she could've get killed) - she and Edward become the perfect parents for their baby, and in the end her dream comes true - she passes to immortality and becomes a beautiful, strong and talented vampire that from now on could protect her family and fight for its safety anytime, even with the Volturi.
I get what you mean totally!!
I cried when Alice came back, really only the part when Charlie was telling her what happened and I was sad when they took that part out of the movie. But I didn't reallying think any part was really boring some parts were a little slow but that is ok.
Is everybody syked for the new book? The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner?
Aren't you sad at the end of Breaking Dawn because Bella's story is over?
If I had to rank them...
1.Breaking Dawn
2.Eclipse/Midnight Sun (the part we get to read is great!)/Twilight
3.New Moon

I just love how everything falls into place in Breaking Dawn.And I also like Bella as a vampire...can't wait to see it on the big screen!Those 3 books are tied at number 2 because I love Eclipse and all the action, however I love how it all began so I couldn't put one behind the others.New Moon was my least favorite because Edward wasn't in it as much.There was a lot of emotion in it though...well written of course.Just wanted more Edward!! :)
it's twilight and breaking dawn....its so cool.... and so sweet
I have to say that I loved Eclipse I read that one in like a half a day


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