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Personally New Moon was my favorite book, even though it's lack of Edward. But there is one thing I don't get why don't people like New Moon? Which book is your favorite?

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Hi Sabrina Cullen,

I agree with you as well I can't get enough out of the book of Edward. I just hope Stephenie Meyer's rushes to finish the book. The thought of reading Edward's side of his story is utterly breathtaking.

Bella's story is AWESOME, now we need to hear Edward's story it's truly magic appearing in front of our eyes. His fear, his thoughts, insecurities and the curiosity of just wanting to find out what would happen if he just speaks to her without obeying his thirst for her blood?

Stephenie has done an AWESOME job with her dream. Keep the magic going. I look forward to reading more.
I can't pick which one my favorite is. I love them all sooo much. If I had to pick though if it was a life or death cituation I'd pick Breaking Dawn because you get to see just how awesome Bella really is. Also just because I love happy endings.
Awesome as in her vampire self?
I didn't prefer Eclipse, why is it your favorite?
1. breaking dawn
3.twilight moon

i like breaking dawn cause im more interesting to thier daughter renesmee,all werewolf and some vampire will fight together for the sake of renesmee's safety,.,and also,when edward and jacob had a bargain when bella got pregnant,.,lol edward got crazy in that part,..eclipse is he second cause it more action,but a got irritated to jacod in the clearing part when he threatened bella and kissed her..but i like the part when they had a truce for bella,.,twilight very mysteirous maybe cause it is the first book,.new moon is the last maybe because i sympathies to bella,its a sad part of thier story,,i guess,,but its fun when bella said "shut up" to edward,,im surprise about she has a control in voting part,.(good job bella!!, 10 points for that!!,,lol)
I really like Nessie's character
my fav
1. midnight sun (2 bad its not complete)
2. twilight
3. eclipse
4. breaking dawn
5. new moon
1. Breaking Dawn - Finally together at last :)
2. Twilight - Beginning of the romance :)
3. Eclipse
4. New Moon
Gotta be Twilight. It was the first book in the saga and you the deep and profound love that exists between Bella and Edward. I loved it !!! My next favourite was Breaking Dawn (the happily ever after)
i think thet new moon is the most prettyest book in the series.
i love the change thet bella going throug...
i think thet few people love it because it tollk about jacob alot.
i love the end thet adward explain to bella why he left, i think thet is romantic.
I was sad at the end of Breaking Dawn! The saga was over so I was sad but it was a really good book.
1 eclipse 2 twilight 3 breakingdawn 4 new moon


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