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I felt there were too many repetitive/serious discussion going on, and I wanted a fun new one. My sisters and I talked about this question for an hour straight, I kid you not, because there are so many possiblities and things to think about. So I want to know what you all think, too. :]


Aside from Edward's relationship with Bella, we know he shares some type of bond with many of the other characters - from Alice to Renesmee, from Tanya to Seth. So, excluding the Edward/Bella relationship (because we all love that one), which character's bond with Edward do you love most? And why? 




I, personally, absolutely adore the bond Edward and Carlisle share. They've been through nearly everything together. And though they have their differences - some in which they discuss with vigor and enthusiasm - they still respect each other, they still look up to each other, and they still have faith and trust. I guess I'm just a sucker for the whole father/son thing between them, too. I can't help it. They are both just lovable! <3

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alice emmett and tanya
ok there are too many
1. Edward & Carlisle
2. Edward & Alice
3. Edward & Esme
4. Edward & Emmmet
lol There are too many, I know. It's difficult to choose just one.
I love the bond that Edward and Alice have. Out of all the Cullen siblings, they are the two that actually act like brother and sister. The way they can communicate without actually speaking to each other is bound to spark up a close bond LOL! My favorite moment between the two of them is when Bella remembered Alice and Edward playing Chess.. I know it wasn't actually a scene, but the way it was described seemed pretty funny.
The Chess moment between them is one of my favorites, too. Haha! I wonder if sometimes Edward forfeits when they play a game together to let Alice win once in a while, or if Alice always gives up first because Edward's too stubborn and they'd be there all night otherwise :D
HAHA Exactly!!
I luv d trustful bond between Edev&Carlisle cute bond wid Alice funny wid Emmett sweet and carin' bond wid Esme and a silent cared bond wid Rose .
Agreed :]
^ Thnx ;D
Haha, I love that line! It's so true... :]

Alice loved Edward and Bella so much that she even risked her future with Jasper. That's love right there.
i love the funniy bound with edward and jacob lol but i also like the bound between him and alice
I don't know! That is such a hard one! I can't decide between Edward's and Renesmee's relationship, Edward's and Alice's relationship, or Edward's and Carlisle's relationship!!!!!!!!!!!

I love Renesmee's and Edward's relationship bcs well i dnt kno i thnk its jst somehting special there bcs its his daughter.

And i love Edward's and Carlisle's well bcs the same reasons the person tht created this discussion.

And i love Edward's and Alice's bcs thy r the closets of their brothers and sisters thy r jst lyk best friends. I love theyr bond.

But most of All my all time fave is EDWARDS AND BELLAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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