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I felt there were too many repetitive/serious discussion going on, and I wanted a fun new one. My sisters and I talked about this question for an hour straight, I kid you not, because there are so many possiblities and things to think about. So I want to know what you all think, too. :]


Aside from Edward's relationship with Bella, we know he shares some type of bond with many of the other characters - from Alice to Renesmee, from Tanya to Seth. So, excluding the Edward/Bella relationship (because we all love that one), which character's bond with Edward do you love most? And why? 




I, personally, absolutely adore the bond Edward and Carlisle share. They've been through nearly everything together. And though they have their differences - some in which they discuss with vigor and enthusiasm - they still respect each other, they still look up to each other, and they still have faith and trust. I guess I'm just a sucker for the whole father/son thing between them, too. I can't help it. They are both just lovable! <3

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I really love the bond between Alice and Edward and also Edward and Carlisle. Alice and Carlisle are so loving towards Edward i know any of the Cullens would do anything to ensure that Edward is happy but Alice and Carlisle especially. Edward was the first part of Carlisle family and he wants to see Edward as happy as possible and Alice is just so loving and caring i believe that because she can see the future and see how much Bella makes her brother happy she wants to ensure that their together. Plus you just gotta love Alice.....
You have great points. And it's definitely hard to choose just one when there are so many that are admirable. :]
well me i also like the bond edward shares with alice it is like a brother and sister relationship because they understand each other and when she hurts he hurts to. and just like any other brother and sister they give each other a hard time to.he watch's over her just like jasper dose but in a diffrent way. out of all the special bonds that edward share's with each member of his family is the bond him and alice share.
I like Edward's and Alice's relation a lot.....I like the way he says ''freaks among those who are already freaks'' in midnight sun. Did you guys read that part?
I've read Midnight Sun's draft a lot :D I like seeing his and Alice's relationship through his eyes, and how he describes that they share that connection of being "freaks among those who are already freaks." lol
i love the bondd between alice and renesmee and definitley between renesmee and jacob. i also thought it was really sweet when leah was able to relate to rosalie. the relationship between alice and jasper is so amazing! i jinda feel like alice is a sedative for him sorta cause whenever he gets upset or thirsty she talks to him and suddenly BADA BING BADA BOOM jasper is all better. really cool actually especially after his past. i also like the bond that edward and alice share since they are soo similar and do treat eachither like brother and sister, especially after her trying to take his room when alice first moved in.

Alice and Jasper are like opposites, and that makes their pairing a harmonious one, because they compliment each other. Especially with their gifts.

And I loved the story of when Jasper and Alice first arrived at the Cullen house, and Edward coming home to all his things moved to the garage. lol Poor Edward.


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