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I felt there were too many repetitive/serious discussion going on, and I wanted a fun new one. My sisters and I talked about this question for an hour straight, I kid you not, because there are so many possiblities and things to think about. So I want to know what you all think, too. :]


Aside from Edward's relationship with Bella, we know he shares some type of bond with many of the other characters - from Alice to Renesmee, from Tanya to Seth. So, excluding the Edward/Bella relationship (because we all love that one), which character's bond with Edward do you love most? And why? 




I, personally, absolutely adore the bond Edward and Carlisle share. They've been through nearly everything together. And though they have their differences - some in which they discuss with vigor and enthusiasm - they still respect each other, they still look up to each other, and they still have faith and trust. I guess I'm just a sucker for the whole father/son thing between them, too. I can't help it. They are both just lovable! <3

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I like the bond Edward has with Alice. They were portrayed as almost real brother and sister. They have a wonderful relationship and they both have a gift that they understand eachother well. They also goof off on eachother too.

Edward and Alice loves eachother like a brother/sister would... also have respect for eachother. Edward is protective of Alice just like Jasper is with her.
I do like when Alice and Edward rib each other - its funny and cute. And that only she'll play games with him anymore :D
The Edward and Bella is the best relationship

Aside from that I really love the Edward and Jasper relationship... It takes a strong brother and a loving brother to forgive Jasper when he tried to kill Bella... Edward odviously loves Jasper as his brother since he is able to go talk to him and forgive him... Its a sweet thing to see there bond in my opinion!
That is true XO Edward. That is the kind of loving relationship he has with Jasper. He was in pain and he chose to leave Bella to protect Jasper in New Moon. That is right. That is true. He never once demanded that Jasper leave the family or whatever. I never thought of that... Good point
Thank You!! I really loved reading about there brotherly relationship!
yes that is true. I also love how Alice and Edward goof off and read minds or close to it LOL. I also like Carlisle and Edward's too. as well as Esme. rosalie seems to be the ONLY one that Edward just tolerates. I love Emmett too he is so funny and so goofy. Do you agree with me about Rosalie? that it seems like Edward tolerates her but not any deep connection or whatever?
No, I don't think he just tolerates her. I think it just seems that way since Bella came along, but really Rosalie and Edward are more like those siblings who get on each others nerves a lot but in the end protect each other with their lives. Rosalie's also the kind of person who doesn't express all those lovey dovey emotions. I think the bond she shares with Edward as a sister is there, but very subtle. Because they have the same sense of humor, Rosalie' the second best musician in the family, and they both love cars. I think they enjoy each others company when they're in tune.
good point. I guess I only look at it differently because of how others and Edward interact and I never really got the sense that Rosalie does. That is true though Hyp.
Good Point! Didn't think of it that way!
I agree with that... But Rosalie is kind of mad still at Edward since he didn't want her... Even though she didn't want him either it was the point that he didn't want her that ticked her off.
yeah there is that too Xo... exactly. that is why I never got the sense of true sibling love like Jasper, Alice, Emmett.... Rosalie is like aloof towards to Edward (that is my feeling) :)
That is a really good point! I always figured they were close brothers also because of their gifts (even though its not mentioned in the books). Not to mention they'd fight for each other. As Alice said in NM, that if Jasper and Emmett arrive in Italy and Edward gets killed, they'll fight the Volturi, even knowing they have no chance. I don't see how a vampire could do that without loving the one they're avenging.

But your point I never really thought of. Nice one.


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