The Twilight Saga

which charater would you love out of your mind to go out on a date with and what would yall do?

i would say edward so that he could treat me lika princessand tell me how much he loves me and go sum place where its just me and him alone and at nite would would go to a beach and look at the moon as it reflects off the ocean ....... aaaaaawwwwww that would be wonderful

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I would also do the same thing!!!!
hee hee ofcourse Edward :D he is like a neverending dream that will never come true.. so if we can dream then really !! untill i read midnight sun could not image that the dreams could heart so much.. yyee.. reality is hard .. :D
i would totally pick edward n we would go to his meadow for the date
n i would kiss him n then wen we get married ill let him bite me n turn me into the beautiful creature he is
OF COURSE EVERYONE WOULD CHOOSE EDWARD INCLUDING ME! We would go out and I don't know how the night will be, what happens happen, I will be myself and allow him to see if he really likes me.
Edward for sure. he would tell me how much he loves me, we would go to Esme's island and spend some nights there. He would ask me to marry him, I would absolutely agree :) he would turn me into vamp and we would live happily to the end of times. Ooooh.... it is so nice to dream... why reality is so cruel ???????????


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