The Twilight Saga

due to the pure emotion mine has to be new moon, then in order twilight, eclipse, breaking dawn,
i just found that the writing was so great in new moon, the description and the pure passion just sucked me right in, i felt bellas pain, and fear, and then the happiness when the reunion happens, and the honesty they share.

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I agree, there is a new bond formed between Bella and Jake that can never be broken, that goes way deep, but her love for Edward is expressed so deeply and so pure.....quite riviting.
I love them all the same.
couldn't have said it better myself
Breaking dawn

because bella is a vampire there
OMG! I can't wait to see the movie and to see Bella as a vampire!
my order of this series is
twilight / breaking dawn
new moon
my favorite was New Moon.... the story was so intense i felt every piece of emotion so strong as if i were bella.....sadness for the loss of real love, numbness, struggles to get back o her feet, dependence on jake, panic while she rushes to italt to save edward..........happienes for thier reunion
It's there in New Moon where both of them find out how strong they loved each other......
couldnt have put it better myself...
i love the new moon it is real good know i want to see the movie
i agree with Bella Marie Cullen who commented earlier
New Moon. Its the best for the reasons you have stated =)
i love them all the same


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