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i want to see what you guys think. who's chest is better in new moon? Rob or Taylor? how much better than the other one do you think he is?

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personally i think there's no competition. tay wins. robs barely cut cant beat tays EIGHT pack. count'em
ROB, taylors nice dont get me wrong, just a bit too young... either way rob is gorgeous !!!
Rob--all the muscles in the world won't make taylor more attractive to me because he's just a boy.
Agree (:
Rob is a man, and it's okay to me that he's chest is hairy :D
'Cause I love Rob mostly for his personality, He's gorgeous looks are just an extra (;
Team Edward all the way, but Taylor's body in New Moon was way better.
Rob is a beautiful person. I think his body is perfect. Be realistic, the personality is what counts. He has a very nice body and he could have been just as buff as Jacob if in fact Summit did not want him to change (vampires body has to stay the same) Taylor is just as conceited in real life as he is as Jacob, and he has to eat every 2 hours to keep his muscles. Muscles do not make the man. This is Edwards fan site if you like Jacob so much praise him on your own Jacob site. Personally I do not like Jacob or Taylor.
why would you say Jacob's conceited? Jacob isn't described as being conceited, just that he tries to be waht Bella would want. And about Taylor: Let's be fair... to put on so much muscle ( required for his role) on a teenager's body is an accomplishment. Don't forget the muscled up body was required for his part.
robs by far, taylor has obv spent a lot of time working on his abs. but i really dont care much for that. rob has lovely sexy eyes and a mysteriousness to him that just makes me go weak at the knees
Easily Jacob's chest... Boy was FINE! However, I like the lean cut of Edward's too. He's the screensaver on my phone :)
OK sooooo i'm team edward ALL the way BUT i think that jacob/taylor's abs were sooo moch better. but honestly the are a little TO perfect for me. Jaocb is more the fav. high school football star who dates the head cheerleader and that's just not me. My favorite character AND actor is Edward/Rob!!!!
Hi girls, of course Rob. He is a man, Taylor looks like a boy with muscles. The magic is in Robs personality. I love the scene in Italy where Bella runs to save him. He doesnt need muscles, he is just gorgeus in his pants.
think of this Taylor is daring
and Robert is wacky


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