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i want to see what you guys think. who's chest is better in new moon? Rob or Taylor? how much better than the other one do you think he is?

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I honestly think Rob is better Taylor's body looks good but for some reason I'm more into Robert's body.
I fancy more Edward's shape however it does not look good when his chest is deadly white and the hair on his chest is black in the movie.But Rob looks perfect always :)
tay has the muscles but rob has the EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!Tay is just coming to the world of manhood rob has been there for a while
Wouldn't if be more fair if we'd compare to each character's equal?

I love both body's a whole lot. It's just the thing that - for me - Jacob wins because his body looks amazing and it fits perfectly for his character ( So he's waay too young, can't deny the boy has a cute face and a delicious body )

Edward's face is manly and sexy but his body in Italy... pale white as he is with the black hair... ain't THAT appealing. But fits perfect as a vampire body. As Rob... he is scrumptious yet a tad too skinny at times..


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