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my favourite part is in new moon, bella and edward are reunited, bella has just woken up after saving edward, and she cant be sure she is awake and she beleives she has totally lost the plot, and it takes edward ages to convince her that its not a dream and he really is back and how sorry he is, and that he will never ever leave her again, its so funny and so emotional and touching i had to re read that whole chapter again and again. and if i had to choose just one part of all the books to re read it would be this.
brilliant writting ,,,i just hope this part is in the movie.....woo cant wait..

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Ermm.. It Would Have To Be In Eclipse The Chapter When He Proposes I Find That Quite Sweet To Be Honest. Makes Me Cry Sometimes Cause I Know That There Gonna Be Together Forever

Lovee Georgieee
I would have to agree - at least in New Moon as one of my favorite parts.
i like this same part 2!! i love how edward has 2 say everything he feels!! its so sweet!!!
I like that bit!

I love the bit in new moon where Bella punches Jake haha. it makes me giggle. I quite like to re-read the Volturi scenes in New Moon too.
Yeah got to agree there, when bella thinks shes dreaming too. I re read that bit all the time, new moon is like a blur sometimes, I love reading about edward and bella, but when the story just talks about jacob, it takes me much longer to read it, sometimes i just want to skip a few chapters until she goes to Italy to rescue him :). I dont know if ill like the film now, iof its mainly going to be about Jacob :S but it wil be worth the runiting scene between edward and bells
my favorite part is when edward ask bella to marry him :D and of course when hes havint to convince her he is back and shes really awake so basically the last 3 chapters!!
same here....
i have to read the books over and over!!! and i have favorite parts in all of them!!! in twilight its chapter 13 the meadow scene! its so beautiful and dreamlike that i find myself smiling through the whole thing!!! in new moon i love the last chapter when the cullens vote to keep bella and edward asks her to marry him!!!! in eclipse i have 2 when bella punches jacob i laugh bc its so funny he doesnt feel a thing and she hurts her hand!!!! and when edward proposes its so romantic!!! in breaking dawn its the wedding alice did a terrific job planning it and sounds sooo beautiful and romantic!!!! i think ill plan mine around what alice did (that is if i get married!!)
OH i love alll the books so much i read them over and over again. In Twiight it ould be the meadow scene and when Edward says i love you its awesome. New Moon the minute i touch it i turn to chapter 23 that chapter is amazing i luv it and then in eclipse chapter 20 compromise sooooo sweet and Breaking Dawn the wedding, honeymoon, first hunt, actually all of book 3. I mostly read the Edward parts cuz i luv him so much but its also cool when bella punches jacob and when jacob imprints.
my favourite part is in breaking dawn the wedding that was beautiful i loved it i cried so much lol i loved it that part was awesome jus kept reading it over and over again


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