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which scene would you add or edit that you feel was not quite right in new moon??

think the movie did a really good job but i think a very important scene was cut short that one where bella is just waking up and edward is there takes him ages to convince her she is awake and not dreaming in the book ...and then a long time to convince her he isnt going anywhere and you also get to hear what HE got up to all the time he was away that never came accross in the film and think that was a real shame as it was my favourite part....i still loved the film and im going to see it agian soon though.

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Yea I agree the scene were they return from Italy should have been portrayed better. I was disappointed with that.
I agree as well...also I felt that the scene where everyone is walking with Jane to meet the rest of the Volturi's, in the book Edward was holding onto Bella so tightly lightly rubbing circles on her cheek's a really close moment where you don't know if they'll make it or the movie they are not portrayed as holding onto each other like it's the last moment together.... all honesty - the movie was really a bump up the notch from Twilight, i was really impressed. Can't wait to see Eclipse.
I wish they would have done the part where they're sitting in the bench and Bells is hugging Edward and she doenst want to look away from him... and also when they arrive at the airport and Esme, Carlisle, Rosealie, Emmet and Jasper are waiting for them and Rosalie appologizes to Bells... =(
I love the books... but the movie was a little disapointing to me.. honestly... I feel like the last couple minutes where totally blank... no emotion... after they return from Italy its like they whoosh through the last parts of the book... jamming it all together and leaving it blank... and I hated the ending!!! I wish it would have been longer not just the "will you marry me" the end!... Im a huge fan of Twilight and Stephanie Meyer... and New Moon did have more action and more stuff going on than Twilight but... I feel like they missed so many important parts from the book that it left the movie kinda emotionless... thats my opinion.
I agree about the part in the bedroom. it should have been played out a little longer.
Yes, the return trip from italy and the next morning is a great scene that should have been included...

for me, it's a sentence I really missed, and I didn't like the way it was finally expressed: "How opposed are you to grand theft auto?" !!!!!! I loved that sentence!!!! What did they do to it??!! (I've only seen the Spanish version of the movie, and it was somehting like "I guessed you wouldn't mind me stealing a car, do you?" Please tell me they did something different in English!!)
they used the actual line in the english version if i remember correctly x
no, they used "i gussed you wouldn't mind me stealing a car, do you?". i missed that line too.
i think the actually line in the movie was, "i didnt think you'd oppose grand theft auto"
hey ur right that is wat they said
I agree that there shoud have been more emphasis on this part I missed edward throughout the film an think abit more time with him at the end woould have been better hahax
i would change the ending "Marry me first" bella's face -blackness- -credits- i mean OMG!!!!


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