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Well, I believe that we all have been watching Eclipse and 2 other movies..

I personally think that New Moon is the best because it's the most closer to the original book..but Twilight is my favorite, since Twilight was the first challenge to adapted this movie from the booming book..Twilight makes me crazy about Edward..He's so handsome in that 1st movie..although it still not close enough from the original book..But to be honest, I feel disappointed after watching Eclipse because I put to much hope on this movie, but then it came too far from the original book and also my imagination...

So, I'd like you  to tell me which Twilight saga movie do you like the most, and  which one you don't...and what's the reason..

I'm waiting for your reply..

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Well Irene...I can understand what you mean..nice to know other point of view.. I do agree with you, but I felt like it's just not touching enough for me when I see eclipse.. maybe I need to watch it for second time.. =)
Thanks for sharing..
Can't say I have a favorite....loved them all for different reasons...LOVE the books most of all..the movies are just icing on the cake...Each director brings a different perspective and all have done a great job....
Well I liked Twilight, and thought that Eclipse, for the most, was great ... but for me ... the best one was New was so like the book...!!! NM is definetly my favorite one!
new moon!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate that edward leaves bella and that stinky mutt gets her for a little while!!!!!!!! but its the only movie that stuck to the book!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yup..see..that's what I meant.. If I read the book, then I hope that what's interest in the book will be translated to the movie.. but many things I loved on ECLIPSE book was not delivered on the movie...
Like the scene when Bella was "kidnapped" by Edward...when they both were spent the night together till Edward proposed Bella, that should be funny and very romantic scene..How Edward feel unbelievably happy but try not to show it much..How He try to put the ring on Bella's finger and how Bella finally felt the ring seems suit to her....that should be so damn romantic...but I just couldn't got it all on the movie..
I agree with you Aileen. There were scenes that I wish from the book had made it into the movie and certain things that came out felt forced or came out wrong. When Jacob was sooo cocky when he told Bella that he "let" same be the Alpha, that was not how it was in the book. Jacob in the book didn't want to be Alpha and was not cocky about it. There were other little things and I really wished Eclipse would have been longer. The fight scene was in no way a disappointment to me. I loved it. I'm hurt because it seemed to rush things whereas Twilight's "competition" the Harry Potter movies go on for almost 4 hours. I did enjoy Eclipse. I loved how they set it up for Bella's proposal and she was happy about being engaged to Edward (if she didn't want him I do). My favorite is Twilight but I love ALL three movies.
Yeah Maria...things like you've said like at the book, Jacob was not cocky about not being an Alpha, but it turns the other way on the movie makes me little bit disappointed.. people that haven't read the book will understand it differently.. Eclipse movie might need a little bit more time, isn't it?..because it seems like every scene in the movie have been rush, and it makes the essential things or feeling that I wish I could see wasn't shown.. I do loved the fight scene, but I don't like the end of the fight, when Jacob injured by a vampire..Bella wasn't suppose to be there at the time...and Edward supposed to be suffer when it happen...ohhh gosh... but I guess I need to watch it again..
I like Twilight and Eclipse. In New Moon I don't like when Edward leave Bella,because that's make Jacob to closer with Bella
I won't be commenting until after Breaking Dawn... then I will comment LOL... sure you will understand. :)
i loved all 3 movies but i loved eclipse most of all. true its not exactly like the book but it was awesome anyway. i think they get better with every new movie so i cant wait to see breaking dawn!!!
Riley (Xavier) was cute but also scary in the movie! i think he rocked as Riley
i lov twilight it is the best in all the three...
new moon is good but it has a lot of jake in it and i dont like that...
i just lov edward and he rulzzz...

sally cullen


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