The Twilight Saga

Well, I believe that we all have been watching Eclipse and 2 other movies..

I personally think that New Moon is the best because it's the most closer to the original book..but Twilight is my favorite, since Twilight was the first challenge to adapted this movie from the booming book..Twilight makes me crazy about Edward..He's so handsome in that 1st movie..although it still not close enough from the original book..But to be honest, I feel disappointed after watching Eclipse because I put to much hope on this movie, but then it came too far from the original book and also my imagination...

So, I'd like you  to tell me which Twilight saga movie do you like the most, and  which one you don't...and what's the reason..

I'm waiting for your reply..

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Love twilight n eclipse but thats just cos edwards not in new moon enough for my liking, im looking forward to breaking dawn tho the first part will no doubt be quite jacob dominant :(

Not enough of the passions and depth of love in eclipse as is portrayed in the books,
Im holding out for a twilight remake done from Midnight sun just so we can have more edward and visit the denali clan and watch the emotions grow the edward realises when hes faced with his families confirmations that he does love bella........... cant see it happening tho and i would be furious if other people tried to play the roles.

Really wanted the blood typing sequence to be in twilight but alas it was not :(
Wow Sue....I so much love your idea...wish they want to filming Midnight Sun.. hey, do u know when Stephenie will finish that book? or she is still not in the mood to finish it?


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