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So this is something I keep talking with my dad and my sister. I love to read the books, I can almost feel like its me in there, so I keep telling my sister to read them, that she would love them, cause she really likes the movie. But I think that the book is where the esence is.. And I dont know. I dont feel that you can call yourself a twilight fan  if you havent read the books. What do you guys think?

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theres no way you could be a fan if you havent read the books! theres so much you miss without them! the movies are good, but theres only one way to really look at whats going on, but with a book, theres so many different ways to view it depending on the reader. hope that makes scence!!!
I agree. You dont know the story if you havent read the books. My mom always says that the movie is like a summary of the book, picking out all of the important parts. Dont get me wrong- I LOVE the movie, but the books have something about them, they have a pull. Irresistable. But the movie have got Rob Pattinson. Oh, I dont know :-) I love them both, but the books are definatly the best. I Love them. Yeah, a capital L. Thats how awesome they are. Gosh, I need someone to talk to. Mabye I'll start a diary. WOW way off topic. Anyways, get her to read the book.
books are the greatest.... i love the movies, they all very good looking and beautiful... but the book gives you so much more.... i am thinking of reading it again.... it's a page turner.
I seen the movie Twilight before I read the books, I thought it was a very cute movie. Then I read the books . . . . and the movie couldn't hold a match to it. I am truly, truly in love with the whole saga. I have read the books so many times that I've lost count. I love the movies as well because they give me a reference to what the charaters look like when I'm reading. But I'm going to have to agree that your not a true fan of the Twilight Saga if you haven't read the books. The movie is like a trailer to the book, it lets you know what it's about. But if you want to really know and feel what it's about you're going to have to read the book.
i agree too
i like too
I thought that I would just throw a cmment in here.
I have read all 4 books now, for a total of 4 times and each time I still
get sucked into the story.
fore sure ! if you havent read the books... you r no twifan !
i think that the movies are just anothe r way to tell the story of edward and bella
STOP posting those "DONT READ THIS" messages. they are REALLY annoying!
i completely agree plus ive read the book 3 or 4 times and seen the movie a gazillion times
No one can be a true fan of anything based on just seeing a small bit of it. I believe that in order to be a true Twilight fan you must know as much about it as you can. Therefore, there is no way to be a genuine fan without reading the books. Anyone who thinks they are a fan of Twilight and has not read them is a poser and a wannabe.
i like the movies but the books are way better!! there is more to the story an i can imagine myself in them!!! as bella instead of Kristen (as much as i like her) lol . . . i have read all the books 7 times each and never ever get sick of them!! im on the first book for the 8th time lol!!


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