The Twilight Saga

So this is something I keep talking with my dad and my sister. I love to read the books, I can almost feel like its me in there, so I keep telling my sister to read them, that she would love them, cause she really likes the movie. But I think that the book is where the esence is.. And I dont know. I dont feel that you can call yourself a twilight fan  if you havent read the books. What do you guys think?

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i like the movies but the books are way better!! there is more to the story an i can imagine myself in them!!! as bella instead of Kristen (as much as i like her) lol . . . i have read all the books 7 times each and never ever get sick of them!! im on the first book for the 8th time lol!!
i think if you dont read the books you aren't a fan of twilight as such but more a fan of the movie.... if you think about it they are two different things that sound very similer


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