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So this is something I keep talking with my dad and my sister. I love to read the books, I can almost feel like its me in there, so I keep telling my sister to read them, that she would love them, cause she really likes the movie. But I think that the book is where the esence is.. And I dont know. I dont feel that you can call yourself a twilight fan  if you havent read the books. What do you guys think?

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i think that if you reads the books you can imagine all... see it by yourself... feel it... besides that in the book you have a lots of details that isn't in the movie... or you have things in the movie that doesn't exist in the book (like the class at the greenhouse when he says to bella that he cannot be her friend). I always prefer the book over the movie.
your not a real twilight fan if u havent read the books. plain and simple. how can you understand the movies and enjoy the greatness of movie without knowing where it really came from.i love the movies and i watch them everyday, but i love the books just as much if not more!!! they are the best thing ive ever read and i appreciate the movies cause it gives the book even more life then it already has. everyone should read those books..they are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I agree 100%
i agree
i read all of the books twice before i even seen the films
then i did see them and there was hardly anything the same
how did edward and bella fall in love so quickly ?
where did the trip come from ?
i dont your a proper fan until you'veread the books
they're much better x
same here.....and whenever i watch the movie im like thinking to myself that the director should of maybe put a few more things from the book in there....lke in the book edward and bella run into each other alot and get into little arguments or whatever and in the movie they only see each other in class and then he goes away for a week. its kinda confusing
Definately have to the read the books to understand the depth of the love between Bella and Edward. Absolutely no comparison to the movies which are a mere skeleton compared to the true meat of the books. I'm going to re-read them all and go slowly and carefully to be able to enjoy every single morsel this time around. Such a beautful romance of unconditional selfless love.
My sweetheart hasn't read the books--he doesn't read anything--but he's seen the movie with me about a gazillion times and went with me to see New Moon 5x. I'd consider him a fan.

Not as big a fan as I am, for sure, but then I've read the books 12x and just started reading them again. I've tried to get him to read the books but reading is just something he has never enjoyed. So, even though I know he's missing out on so much of the story, I've tried to stop convincing him. And you know what? We both still love Twilight, just in different ways. So I think you shouldn't exclude someone just because they don't like to read. Pity them, yes. Because they don't know what they're missing!
the books are the starting point - I read them before seeing the film Twilight.
Films can beat the original stephenie meyer filled book, unless Rob spent the whole film wth no shirt on...
U cant beat the books.
First time i wtched twilight, spnt the whole tim comparing it to the book. It didnt seem GR8 even with RPattz in it.
After that, u have 2 realise the films arent Twilight the book, but TWILIGHT the film. Theres difference.
this is how i feel... i at first thought that the whole twilight like thing was to kidish for me im 22 yrs old and i thought that it was going to be too be like a whole 14 yrs old craze... but i finally just sat down and watched the movie the other day.. adn now im going out today and buying the box set in hardcover of the books.. the movie dragged me in but as all storys are the books have so much more detail that the movies have to leave things out...

so you can pick am i a fan or am i just jumping on the band wagon...

i would like to call myself a fan..

p.s. i wont watch new moon untill i read the book....
I saw the films and i thought i was pleased....i got the books and my pleasure was more than i could have expected....ppl MUST read the books,it will be for their own good if they read the books, they really make you live the moments like you are there so easy that it is weird when you return to your amazing.
i already find it hard to return to real life and thats from only watching the movie.. my mother just picked up the saga for me and waiting to go over there and start reading the books... "its like my own personal heroin"


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