The Twilight Saga

robert is hot but dammmn Edward is hot in the movie(s) who do u like  better?

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i love them too, unconditional and irrovocably!!!!
I think both. Without Rob, there wouldn't be an Edward on the big screen! Well, there probably would but do you know anyone who could play him better?
Edward. Just Edward. But R. Patzz a little because he plays Edward and I don't know anyone who could do it better than him.
Brite you hit the nail on the head... Edward because he is a fairy tale... and we have all be looking for our knight in shining armor... or our prince charming... and that is exactly what Stephanie Meyers protrayed with that character. Robert Pattinson is a male I'm sure he's not exactly like this character as some would like to think.
I agree totally
Rob is hot but my heart belongs to the real Edward who is way better than the film version. I luv you Edward Unconditionaly and Irrovecably!
If you love Edward how can you not love Robert. If it wasent for the way he plays the part there would be no Edward to love. I Like both of them!
Edward anyday


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