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come on,answe
be honest and i will to
and by the way i love this site!!!

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don't know...............both
I like Edward... and Robert never can be Edward... no matter how hard he tries.
He dont even look like an Edward Cullen.
i total love his character in the book ,..but honestly i can't choose favourites i love them both although im in high favor of edward not so much robert
Edward x
Edward =)
both, it's difficult to chose because one plays the other ... I would like Robert to be more like Edward ....
I would have to say Robert because Edward is just the fantasy guy that everyone would dream to be with. Robert is a real human being. Without Robert there would be no Edward. Robert is just as hot.
D Wray...EXACTLY what I think. Rob is perfect as Edward.
Edward I don't really know how rob is so I would say Edward Edward Edward!!!


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