The Twilight Saga

Me and my brother got in the argument of who would win:
Spider-Man or Edward Cullen?
Bat-Man or Edward Cullen?
Green-Lantern or Edward Cullen?
Superman or Edward Cullen?
Iron Man or Edward Cullen?
Hulk or Edward Cullen?

Please take in to account the powers of the other people fighting!

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Spider Man vs. Edward--Peter Parker also have a sharpen senses but Edward's more sensitive and Spidey got exhausted..So it's Edward

Bat Man's intelligent and good at tactics but Edward's mind reading ability will give him the edge.

Green Lantern? No chance!!LOL..He's not that quick and his ring will not last, better have a spare!!hahah

Superman is strong and has the speed. Edward might had a hard time but I'll bet it's still Edward..

Hmm..can't say I haven't seen any Iron Man yet..LOL

Definitely Edward.

You forgot hulk
my last answer is vs. Hulk. Edward will definitely win that..^_^
you are totally right about this one, edward wins everytime :))
see the problem is, ur not taking into acount the fact that in the comics they r all soo powerful.
I would love to see Emmett fight the hulk!
that would definitly be worth watching!
that WOULD be fun to watch! lol =D
I agree with you, sista.
that is a good answer Heather!!! he does have advantages where they don't... hmmm
Yes but, all the super hereos are super fast, and they mite even be stronger then edward.


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