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Who else thought the birth of Nessie should have been from Edward's perspective and not Jacob's?

Although I really like Jacob's perspective and I understand we need to read about Jacob imprinting Nessie. I wanted to know Edward's thoughts
when his child was born, when he thought Bella might die.
As well as his perspective during the wedding, honeymoon and Bella becoming a
Vampire. I felt like Edwards thoughts were a million miles away when it
came to his daughter.

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It would have been really nice to have had Edward's perspective on all the aspects you mention above. I don't think his thoughts were a million miles away only at that stage he was so focussed on taking care of Bella. Remember at that stage he could not yet hear Nessie's thoughts, but once he could communicate with Nessie things changed quite a bit.
I guess I was looking more from some interaction with Edward and his daughter after she was born. Maybe something like Bella watching Edward holding Renesme and playing with her.
I would like to see the entire series written from Edward's perspective. It may be too much to ask the author, but I loved what she eventually released of Midnight Sun. That way, we could see everything from his perspective.
Midnight Sun is hilarious! I loved it when Edward when he was debating on putting Bella in a mental institution...he was so funny!! I'd go with the entire Saga from his POV...but id IS A LOT to ask of Stephenie. Maybe she'll get bored one day.
I totally agree!!!! =D
when Rennesmee was bord she bit bella so edward said "no!thats bad!" and then gave her to someone else..
Edward had to give her to Rosalie so he could inject his venom into Bella so she wouldn't die. At that point he knew Rosalie would take care of Nessie, and he had to take care of Bella.
i agree with shanna
i think it would of been better because its his baby
I really think the whole book should of been from edwards point of view. The wedding, on the island, bellas pregnancie, her beeing turned, and preparing for the fight, the confrontation. It all would of been so much more interesting from his point of view. Cause he can read minds. You would of known everything that was going on!! It would off been great!!!
I'm not sure his thoughts when Bella was turned were coherant! But that was one point I would have loved to hear what he was thinking.
I would love to read the whole saga from Edwards point of view. Edward is the one who is battling between his heart and his head all the time. He wants to do the right thing all the time and Bella doesnt seem to think things thru. Edward is more reasonable than Bella for sure


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