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Hi Edward's lovers, I just watch Eclipse again (in online movie) and I just realize about it.

When the newborn come to Forks, there was fights between the Cullen's and The Newborn and Warewolves right? Then, when they start the fight,The Cullen's never tranformed or change like the Wolves did. The Cullen fight with their own power,( especialy Edward,he fight with Victoria alone!!)but Jacob's pack,they have to change before fight.

So,who you think fight more, The Cullen's or Jacob's pack??


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the cullens of cours. they are better. they took out more then jacob and his pack. don't have to change to fight
Yes, agree with ya Carla!!! Team Edward all the way!!!!!!

The Cullens!!! TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ye yes yes... The Cullen is the BEST!!!!

u know every one fought by his own power...we cannt say that some one fought more...but really it was soooooooo brave behaviour of Edward(Best Gentle Man Ever) to fight alone with Victoria..
Solen, Thanks for your comment!!! Yes, I give two thumb up for Edward for that scene.

The Cullens of course.
Whoo! Team Edward!! :D

The Cullens are way better fighters they all use their strength but they also fight smart knowing their enemies weakness... Vampires are much stronger,faster, and smarter then Werewolves anyday! Really all the pack is are a group of oversized dogs
plus they r completly immature and would make the whole state of california looking for food since they eat more than the whole state of NY
lol yeah!! That why my mom dont like with them!!
I think they both fought equally! Werewolves transform and Its just the way they are born. But Cullens are smarter than the ''oversized dogs'' as Amanda said. They are more mature and have skill thats coz they were around for centuries. But the wolves did their best too. I dont think we can say who fought the best. When we come to Edward,yes,he fought better than the rest of the Cullens and wolves. And anyday,TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!


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