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Ok so me and my best friend(who is on team jacob) say that Jacob was more people who are on his team, but I think that EDWARD has more people on his side. Her theory is that since jacob has a nicer body than people will be on his side than on EDWARDS and that the TEAM EDWARD fans are more die-hard(and it is true and that will do more. But she still thinks that jacob has more fans but I know that it isnt true and that EDWARD has more fans can yall please help me out and tell me who has more people on there teams!

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thank you so much cause she is driving me crazy thinking that he does!
team edward (:
Edward... dude if they think its Jacob then they need to read the books LOL
Team Edward all the way... I have told my friends who are on team Jacob that the only reason they are on team Jacob is because of Taylor it isn't Team Jacob or Edward its Team Edward and Taylor... Team Edward fans are my die hard because we love Edward for who he is the book... Yes there are Rob fans but it is Edward who we love and in my opinion if you love Jacob its because you love Taylor!
good point thats the reson i am on both teems lol body ( taylor)
edward who he is in the book
i agree with all of that. I would almost bet that all the team jacob fans are also fans of taylor. And the TEAM EDWARD fans are not all fans of robert.
Edward definitely has more fans. Put your mind at ease. The only reason everyone likes Jacob so much is because they think he is better looking. Most of my friends say they are Team Edward until Jacob takes his shirt off. HAHA... I personally think that Edward is far better looking than Jacob ever thought about being (In the movies). In the books I am such a fan of Edward because of his love for Bella and how he would do absolutely anything for her. It is Edward in the books that we have all fallen in love with. He shows such a selfless love that I think everyone only dreams of.

(For those who like Jacob)

(For those team Edwards LOL)

Thanks LOL. i figured you guys would like those. ;)
I love how the top of the cover says Twilight Collectors Cover's no. #1 of 3 on edwards cover and jacob cover is #2. We all know edward is #1.


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