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Ok so me and my best friend(who is on team jacob) say that Jacob was more people who are on his team, but I think that EDWARD has more people on his side. Her theory is that since jacob has a nicer body than people will be on his side than on EDWARDS and that the TEAM EDWARD fans are more die-hard(and it is true and that will do more. But she still thinks that jacob has more fans but I know that it isnt true and that EDWARD has more fans can yall please help me out and tell me who has more people on there teams!

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awesome pics loves the team edward 1! OMG!
Glad you like them, Jesica, Elizabeth, XoEd

I love to post pictures LOL EDWARD!!
Its EDWARD! The figures says it all. OUT LOUD! lol..:)
edward its simple
remeber this descutions is ON TEEM EDAWD if you want a diffrent ancer do the sam descution teem jacob and bet they say edarward
i meen jacob
Okay you guys. I checked out to see how many fans there are.

Team Edward: 18582 members
Team Jacob: 8900 members

Who has more fans? LOL....
i know like cmon its not even close
right now TEAM EDWARD has 9,682 more fans than team jacob.
well I checked and it was 18582 fans than that. ???


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