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After reading the other thread "Kristen Stewart in New Moon" i noticed that some of us not pretty much like Kristen for Bella Character, well it's normal because we have different taste and views of how Bella in the movie should be acted or portrayed.

So, just for fun...except "ourselves"... who is your second choice or maybe your first choice if not Kristen Stewart as Edward's Bella for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn (that should be Rated 18 lol)?
if you have picture much better for imaginary purposes! hehe...

I'm just a curious crap, please Kristen S. fans and Bella fans don't get angry ok? let's avoid provoking here and all opinions are welcome!! looking for a healthy discussion~


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Me, i have no "idea" who else better than Kristen, so i will be reading your comments and choices attentively :)
no 1... =)
you mean Kristen? okey...

you can type more, why you like her :)
im with you mappi i think kristen stewart is good at playing bella
...nice to know that bec :) thanks!
...i love your attachments of Bella more than ever!! thank you so much :)

the first one is very interesting and so graphically good!
I love the Bella BD pic it is awesome! Kristin does well as Bella, can't imagine someone else.
i dunno, i honestly think she was the best person to portray Bella. so i choose Kristen.
Me too
me three
I have no idea!
yes and we are very entitled to it!
indeed she is awesome, i like her too~


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