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I have met him as well. He is the most georgous person that you could ever meet. I almost fainted. it was a good thing that I am in a wheel chair or I would have fell. So sorry but Rob is mine. I can gaurantee that you don't love him like I do. I may be what they call a couger but let me tell ya he knows what he is getting in me. LOL
Yes he is so hot
I no right i think the question is who couldn't love Edward after they read the books and saw how sweet he is!
Yes !! that is all they see on Jacob, he is so arrogant
Jacob is very arrogant. I read in my local newspaper how he is suing a camper company all cause they didn't have his camper up in Cananda when taping for breaking dawn started. Taylor is very arrogant. Rob is the hottest and sexiest. Love the pic. Why couldn't his pant been just a little lower. Boy I can imagine that.

You were right about that picture. Just a little lower and all of us ladies and including the young ladies would have swooned over that picture. Edward (Rob Pattison) is very good looking. You are also right about Jacob just playing with Bella's emotions. He should have been a gentlman and realized that she was and always was in love with him. From what I understand Rob and Kris are suppose to get married. I recently seen a picture of her and rob on bucketphotos and there was a blond guy that she was leaning up against so I don't know if he is her sweety or if it was just a picture of her and rob with one of the cast mates. I have to go back on my twitter and see what is going on. That is how I found out that she was suppose to be getting married in October but who knows. On the twilight update on here they say he was wearing a wedding ring from the BD scene but I wonder if it is his from being married to Kris.

Everybody has to LOVE EDWARD CULLEN
he IS the HOTTEST guy!


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. ¸.•´ ¸.•*´¨) ☆.(¯`•.•´¯)
(.¸.•´ (¸.•` ☆ ¤º.`•.¸.•´ ☆Edward Cullen¸.•*¨)☆Love☆

E* Elegant
D* Dazzling
W* Well Behaved (most of the time)
A* Angel
R* Reads Minds
D* Desirable
Edward is so hot. Its getting hot in here!! Edward you don't have to take your shirt of like some guys(Jacob).You are hot in old school shirt,old tennis shoes and your Dad's old running pants. I think you cold make homeless sexy too. HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT LIKE LAVA. oh yeah
Edward does not need to take his shirt or clothes off like Jacob. He is so much hotter then Jacob. I think that team Jacob fans wanted Bella to pick him instead of edward. What they don't seem to realize is that he didn't imprint on Bella so that shows he wasn't meant to be with her. Edward and Bella are soul mates and there is nothing that can come in between that. I thought that Jacob was so arrogant in New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I still think it is sick that he imprinted on a baby. It is discussing. He was so determined to be near Bella just in case something happened to Bella and Edward's marriage that it is the reason that he imprinted on Nessie.

I'll take a stab at your question as to why women may be drawn to a man like Edward.  Edward is a thinker and he's always trying to figure a way out of a situation or a better way to rectify a situation.  This makes him mysterious because he doesn't let you in until he's perfectly satisfied with his solution.  Since he can read minds (which makes him feel guilty) but if he can help you benefit from what he knows he feels much better about the situation at hand.  I love the way he handles Bella, and yes, I do agree that he hovers and that's only because he's a protector by nature and Bella is a glutton for danger.


When a woman finds a man like Edward who is romantic and has no problem showing his love for you then you know he's the man for you because he's going to except her love unconditionally as well.  You're correct by saying that Edward didn't give Bella what she wanted at first because he didn't know how she would react to the truth until after the accident.  Bella reassured him that he could trust her but he needed to make sure the family understood his position as to why he saved her from being crushed by the oncoming car - which would have been a disaster for his brother Jasper.


Well, I hope I helped to answer your question.  Thanks for letting me give my opinion


  • I love Edward Cullen not Robert Patterson he just plays the part.
  • what woman not dream of a man to love her like that. only a few will ever experience this kind of love. I hope I will meet my soul mate. Edward and the Cullen's men are just the perfect examples of how a man loves a woman.                               
  •                                   Edward and Bella forever
I also love Edward - how can you not love a man with so much passion and love.  I agree that he's hot and I melt everytime I see a picture of him - (my husband benefits)!!  I guess I should say "Thank you" to Edward. :-)


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