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ok guys , i was reading Breaking dawn today , particularly the end of book 2 ( Jacob's part)*making a face* . What have got me to ask this question is that while Edward was trying to save Bella , by pumping her heart, Jacob was preparing himself to attack Reneesme.
Edward have already created a bond with Reneesme , and he knows exactly how much Reneesme means to think carefully about ur answer and i hope u will tell me why ?

so my question 4 u guys is who do u think Edward will save , Bella or Reneesme??????????

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But Edward loves to reneesme =)

Edward saves Bella and Reneesme
what if he have to choose????????????????????
bella.. he tried to live without her, but that obviously wasn't working out for him in New Moon... plus he could hear Jacobs thoughts, so if he was goingt to save reneesme, he would have tried to as soon as he heard jacobs thoughts
sorry, i didn't read the comments before writting already said exactly what i wrote ! ^^
Bella..even if it's not written in the book, Edward probably "heard" Jacob think about attacking Renesmee..still, he kept working on saving Bella. He knows he can't live without Bella and nothing is more important to him than having Bella besides him
I agree, he wouldn't risk losing Bella
I think he would choose Bella he says many time he cant live wihtout her so he would somehow make it up to her or something but he would save Bella not Reneesme
he would save bella if he had to choose cause in the book he was totally intuned on saving bella an never left her side an his family would save reneesme if there was a problem
He will try to save both Reneesme and Bella because he loves Bella and cares about her and Reneesme.
Bella,,, but he loves Renesmee to
Bella he can't live without her so she would come first Rosailie and the others could have protected reneesme
anyone else??????????


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