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tell me who u would pick please!

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jess,i love the pics.he look soooooo,terribly..i don't words can describe,he;s beyond words..
I dont know i think id much rather have Robert He's so sexy even without the facepaint and contacts and he's a sweetheart and is kinda shy much like me.
yay i agree :-)
some person
robert pattinson
id pick edward cullen X)
I love them both but if I had to choose between them I would chose Edward.
Robert Pattinson because he is real haha... seriously though, he plays music, has an amazing accent, and is sooo cute:)

If Edward were real, I'd pick him.
Edward Edward Edward!!!! Rob is great, but I fell in love with Edward in the book!
AHH! That is a very difficult question to make don't you think? Yeah it is indeed difficult.....
I would pick Rob, because he's such a nice,funny, and fun guy!!!!! I love Edward so so much (I'm in love with Edward!) but
I would pick Rob


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