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tell me who u would pick please!

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I would pick .......... both of them and wouldn't share them, but i would absolutly loved to of played Bella in the films. Just by watching the movies, so far, makes me fill up with emotions that i have never experienced whilst watching a movie.
To me, it's so overwelming that i wish that this was my life story and I bet I'm not the only 1.
I don't know I luv them both, but I would choose Edward.
edward cullen of course..he's awesome..!..
And the answer is................EDWARD..every time... there is no man in the world with that respect for the women like he has... I wish every man were like him...
Edward obviously as its his character we love , robert pattinson it obviously lovely but its edward we all fell in love with :)
both!cozif there's no edward no robert.if no robert no i right?edward and robert are 1!...tnx
Edward,DUH!!.totally the best
none jake
Ermm.. Id Say Edward...But Rob As Himself Is Super Fine Too Lol :D
Edward Cullen for sure
Edward Cullen! xxxxx


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