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tell me who u would pick please!

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it has to be edward
I would pick Edward any day!!!!
Edward Cullen!!!!
I would gladly take either of them!!! Hmm, this is really hard..xP But, if i had to choose, i think i would choose Rob. He's just an awesome guy. He's incredibly funny and serious at the same time...i can't even describe it. Every time i see him on Tv or think of him i have to smile <3 I think Remember Me is the best movie i've seen in a loonng time..Oh yeah, and he's devastatingly beautiful!! XDDD Don't get me wrong, i love Edward too <33
I love Rob too!!! The whole time I was watching Ellen and Oprah, I just had to smile every time he was on camera!!! It's so funny because he's so shy and he's always making jokes that people take too seriously. He's so adorable but I still have to go with Edward. I still have to see Remember Me my friends went to go see it without me!!! I was so upset and then they came back to school and told me the ending of the movie!!!
Edward Cullen <3
i would pick edward. so I'm team edward but team taylor. Confused? Oh well. it makes sense.
Well, michelle brings up a good point. although i have fallen in love with edward, I know he is fictional and rob isnt. However, i rlly dont like rob so i choose edward
Rob he is a real person I am watching remember me right know with rob in it he looks real great in this move too.What do you guys think. I would go out on a date with him anyday.
Totally!!! I loved him in Remember Me! Not the biggest fan of the ending tho! He has actually taken my #1 Favorite Actors place. Sorry Matthew We had some great times but Robert is cuter, Younger and so sweet! However Matthew McConaughey is still second!!
well, robert pattinson has flaws, edward is flawless!


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